Concussion Protocols
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1. Concussion Protocols

If you are suspected of having concussion or diagnosed as having concussion you will need to follow the advice given by the club medic and Hampshire RFU. Links to the HRFU paperwork are below. The Club are obliged to report the instance to Hampshire RFU within 24 hours.

Hampshire Concussion advice click here

Hampshire Concussion Flowchart click here

It is strongly recommended that players and coaches complete the Concussion awareness Module every three years.

RFU Concussion Awareness Adult Coaches module click here

RFU Concussion Awareness Players module click here

Below are the two documents that you will need the most. The Hampshire RFU Adult reporting form and the Hampshire RFU Adult GRTP (Gradual Return To Play) form that you, the player, will need to complete with consultation with the club medic/physio.


Hampshire RFU Adult Concussion reporting form 2019-2020


Hampshire RFU Adult GRTP checklist